Steps in Creating a Flower Wall Backdrop


Contrary to popular belief, creating a reusable flower wall backdrop is easy. A flower wall backdrop complements an accent wall or the ideal backdrop for your bed.

Wait to leave for the hills if the thought of building something scares you because this is your first time doing it. You can accomplish this! All you need is a few steps to create a flower wall backdrop.

7 Steps in Creating a Flower Wall Backdrop

Here are the fairly simple steps to follow to make your flower wall backdrop.

Measure the Area

Before you begin, decide on your flower wall’s backdrop location and size. It would be best if you used your measuring tape to determine the room’s width and length.

Size Foam Cutting

Cut your foam boards to size after determining the desired proportions for your DIY flower wall, being cautious to ensure that the corners are as smooth as possible.

Trimmed Flower Stems

Employ your wire cutters to partially cut the wire stems of your faux flowers if they have them. Leave a wire length of about an inch at most to quickly hold the flowers to the board. Not all artificial flowers include stems. Don’t worry if your imitation flower doesn’t come with stems; you may still use them.

Put Faux Flowers

Place your flowers where you want them before sticking them to the foam board. This enables you to design your layout before settling on a particular configuration. The flowers can be rearranged till you achieve the desired effect.

It’s preferable to begin by putting the bigger ones first when you’re using a variety of flowers. To fill in the foam, place your fairly small flowers in the empty spaces around the larger ones.

Glue Flowers to the Board

Make a hole in the foam and shove the stems through to attach your fake flowers to the foam board. You may easily poke the stem in via the foam to make the initial hole if your faux flowers have sturdy wire stems.

If your faux flowers were sent lacking stems, you could use a small amount of hot glue to affix them to the board. After the flowers are glued down, give the hot glue at least 10 minutes to set and dry before installing the flower wall.

For a lush, complete appearance, add many layers of artificial flowers. Applying a hot glue gun to join flowers together will do the least harm. Ensure that everything is safe and protected before doing anything else

Put Velcro Strips

Use sturdy velcro strips to attach your backdrop and finish your flower wall. Although you may also use control hooks or nails, Velcro strips are the simplest way of holding something without any visible hardware. Your board will practically appear to be airborne once you hang it.

Velcro strips should be vertically attached to the foam board’s back. For a firm hold, use three or more strips. Based on how hefty your board is, add more; the more, the better.

Holding the floral board up on the wall where you intend to hang it, label the wall where the strips meet after you have attached them. To mount the board on the accompanying Velcro strips, take it and position it where the pen labels are.


Go for it if you feel creative and want to make a different version of this floral wall! As you step back to survey your creation, ensure everything is nice and orderly. Enjoy your lovely flower wall after making any required tweaks! These attractive options are great, less expensive substitutes for floral wallpaper.


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