Why Every Musician Needs a Great Album Cover

juice wrld album cover

It is quite true that great music will always stand for itself. However, the impact of visuals matters as well. Take for instance the great juice wrld album cover which is such a sensation to fans. It’s a must-have.

Sometimes fans don’t just want to hear it, they want to see it as well. This is why the choice of an album cover plays a critical role in determining the fate of every music and every musician.

Do not be deceived into thinking that people do not judge a book by its covers. Presentation is everything and people are bound to believe what they see. If you are going to get people interested in hearing your music you need to appeal to their sight first

Importance of an Album Cover

The primary reason why an artist needs an album cover for a song is to capture the audience’s attention. Getting yourself a remarkable album cover will enable you to;

1. Strengthen Your Brand

Attractive album covers to increase the chance of your audience pressing the play button. Not only does this sell your music and places you in a favorable position in your career, but it also increases popularity. The implication of this is that your audience will be willing to return for more in the future. That is the trick every successful artiste play. If you want to be successful at the music you leave a loud impression in the mind of your audience.  This is known as user retention and there is no better way to create strong user retention than providing a visual identity.

2. Attract attention on social media

Social media creates numerous opportunities for artists, both professionals, and amateurs. With the right tactics on the right social media platform, your career can grow overnight.

The bad news however is that these days everyone seems too busy with themselves to notice some random amateur. If you want people to show interest in you, creating a bold and catchy album cover will make one stop scrolling for a moment.

3. Stand out in full platforms

You can agree that not every app is interesting most of them are not. Although you might think the user interface is dope, it is not enough to leave you with any remarkable experience. The good news is, you can go beyond the app itself and create your beauty with an album cover.

With a great album cover you will get your audience thinking, “Wow, this is so cool”. Having created this impression on them, the battle is almost won because now you have their attention and they can’t stop wondering at you.

What Will This Cost?

If you are a fan who wishes to collect album covers, it might interest you to know that one of these covers costs as little as $3. What this means is that you don’t have to rob a bank to put together your collection. Other more expensive covers are sold for $20-$30.  For wholesalers who wish to buy and resale, there is a wholesale option too. This option allows the buyer to buy at a price cheaper than the retail prices.


Album covers are just as important to the fans as it is to the artist. If you are an artist looking forward to growing your professional career, you should probably invest more energy in creating a unique album cover.


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