What Are The Differences Between a Power Washer and a Pressure Washer

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Wall-mounted power washers and pressure washers are becoming a global debate in the industry. With both cleaning procedures using closely related machines with similar working processes, people want to understand the difference between both products. All over the Internet, people tend to use power washers and pressure washers interchangeably. But the truth is there are differences between a power washer and a pressure washer.

A pressure washer is a machine that works mainly with a pump and a nozzle. A power washer has this equipment, and as the pressure washer, the power washer uses pressure to clean any surface. Both the pressure and power washers have electric and gas power. In this guide, we will explain what power washing and pressure washing is while highlighting their differences.

What is Pressure Washing?

A pressure washer is a machine that works with a pump and two hoses. Water goes into the pressure washer through the first hose that leads into the water inlet. After that, you can now power on the pressure washer, and immediately,  the pressure washer should be pumping the water already led into the machine. After this process, you can now use the second hose through the water outlet using a nozzle. The pressure coming from the pumped water is enough to clear washing surfaces. The water in a pressure washer is usually cold and, as such, would not be enough to clean out tougher stains like grime and oil. The best way to clean such stains is through a power washer.

What is A Power Washer?

It is safe if you refer to a power washer as a pressure washer that uses heat to perform its function. So basically, when the water gets into the machine through the inlet, it goes to the pump. But before it comes out, it goes through the heating element before going to the nozzle. Sometimes, the heat in the power washer can be up to 200 Fahrenheit. There are times when you have grease and oil stains that can come off with just the pressure washer. But other times, there can be terrible stains that will not come off. But when you add some heat to the pressure coming from the pumping of the water, there is no way the rough stains will remain on the surface.

What Are The Main Differences Between Power Washing and Pressure washing?

First off, the apparent difference between a power washer and a pressure washer is the heat. A pressure washer has little or no heat working to clean any stains. Therefore, the type of stain it will clean will be minor stains. Another massive difference between the power washer and the pressure washer are the chemical substances. With a power washer, you can use some extra soap and detergents to increase the potency of the washing process. But with the pressure washer, there is only one soap compartment, and there is usually no option for the type of soap you can use.


Power washing and pressure washing are closely related, but they are not the same. We have highlighted the differences between power washing and pressure washing in this article.


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