How Long Should A Pressure Washer Last


Washing a distance of about 100ft on your own will take you more than one day to complete. That’s if you have the determination to continue cleaning for days. Using a pressure washer makes the job easier. With the pressure washer, what would have taken you days to complete will reduce to some hours, and you wouldn’t even need to stress as much as you will have needed when washing it manually. The convenience and comfort that a pressure washer brings to its users make every user hope that the pressure washer doesn’t spoil. However, your pressure washer remains a machine, and as such, there’s a lifespan expected.

Like other machines, a pressure washer’s lifespan is determined by the hours of usage. If you buys your pressure washer from a trusted brand known for delivering durable products, your pressure washer should be able to work for at least 500 hours. Because pressure washers use pressure to wash, you may not need up to an hour to clean a large area. Also, you can’t be using your pressure washer very frequently. Therefore, let’s assume you clean with your pressure washer 50 times yearly, and you spend an hour cleaning. It means your pressure washer should last for about ten years. If you’ve been using the device more optimally and maintaining it properly, it may last you longer. Also, if you’ve been overusing the device, it may not last for that period. Let’s take a look at some factors that affect how long a pressure washer can last

Factors Affecting How Long a Pressure Washer will last

Where you get your pressure washer from affects how long it will last. But besides that, other factors that affect the lifespan of a pressure washer include;

Type of pressure washer

There are three widely recognized pressure washers, including gas, electric, and battery-powered pressure washers. These pressure washers have their respective features, functions, benefits, and cons. The gas pressure washers perform at very high pressure and are designed for commercial purposes. Therefore they last longer than the electrical and battery pressure washers. The electrical pressure washers last for a while, but not as much as the gas counterpart.

Frequency of usage

Usually, the lifespan of most machines is calculated in hours. If you have a good pressure washer machine, it should be able to work for up to 500 hours. Pressure washers wash faster and at a higher pressure. Therefore, you may not use up to one hour to clean specific surfaces. For instance, if you use your pressure washer for an hour every week, it means the pressure washer has worked for 52 hours in the year. That way, your pressure washer will last between nine and ten years. This is the average expected lifespan of the pressure washer, but unethical use of the machine can cause it never to reach the anticipated lifespan.


The maintenance technique, brand of pressure washer, and the storage of your pressure washer are other factors that contribute to its lifespan, asides from those mentioned in this guide.


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