Top Benefits of a Pressure Washer Hose Reel


If you’re confused about whether you should buy a reel for your pressure washer’s hose or not, you must! There are different types of hose reels – manual, automatic (check Giraffetools, auto reels), and electric. It should be your topmost priority to choose what type of reel suits you the best, which one of them is more convenient and more affordable. Pressure washers need high-quality hoses for the water supply into their pumps; a reel is a tool that maintains the quality of your hose for a long time.

Benefits of Pressure Washer Hose Reel

The benefits of a pressure washer can be divided into the general benefits of all hose reels and the specific benefits of each variety of hose reels. Here, we will talk about the general benefits of all hose reels:

1. Safety Insurance:

A hose lying around chaotically on the ground poses an enormous risk of a tripping hazard. Pressure washer hose reels reduce the reduces the chances of tripping and thus prevent tripping hazards. Thus, hose reels are equally important for household and industrial use. Hose reels come in safe designs for safety purposes. Plus, it is highly unlikely that you would trip over because of a misplaced hose reel.

2. Hose Durability:

A hose lying barely on the ground is susceptible to damage by different factors — people often step over the hose, cars rolling over it. It is difficult to move it around every time we have to take a break or when we are too exhausted to coil it and then place it in a safe location. A reel extends the life of the hose by remedying such soft spots. It prevents the wear and tear of the hose.

3. Saving Time and Effort:

Hose reels make sure that you don’t perspire due to a regular chore like pressure washing. Whether it’s twisting the hose after the pressure washer operation or uncoiling it before you switch your pressure washer on—hose reels are the saviors of your time and energy. Furthermore, hose reels, with their quick function, are really useful during emergencies.

4. Hygiene:

Hose reels not only ensure the durability of the hose, safety insurance, and time & effort flexibility, but also promote hygiene of the hose and environment. A hose lying on the floor or ground not only looks messy but also spreads the dirt particles stuck to it. Thus, hose reels help you keep your hose and house tidy.

5. Reel Durability:

All the perks of possessing a hose reel definitely come at a heavy cost, but the efficiency and durability of the reel makes it worthy of all the bucks spent on it. Hose reels not only increase the hose’s durability, but are themselves long-lasting as well, implying that you don’t have to spend your money again once you get your hands on a high-quality hose reel.


Pressure washer hose reels are an essential tool to store and protect the hose. Among their many benefits are ensuring the durability of the hose, diminishing tripping hazards, saving time and energy,

and disallowing any mess caused by the hose. There are many types of hose reels in the market, make sure you get the right one for your pressure washer.


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